Why we do it

We were born digital and love the online world

We love it

We believe that modern, digital tools and techniques can fundamentally transform  a business and completely shift the bottom line. We’ve created NXI to help everyone with the challenge of doing business in the digital age.

Pay it forward

Success is to be shared. Everyone deserves a chance. We believe in sharing and caring to help businesses succeed in the online world. In return your company will create jobs and enrich your local community no matter where you are.

A new world

This new world is a demanding one where every communication or interaction influences a result. We ‘get’ how people respond to these micro moments. So response sits at our very heart, allowing us to achieve the best outcomes for clients, and give their customers and supporters exceptional experiences.

What our customers say

“Our company’s search rankings as well as site traffic improved dramatically since working with NXI. The service we’ve received has been above and beyond our expectations.”

Deborah | Director, Learning Company

“Having a constant flow of new leads is amazing! Thanks to NXI Digital Agency our future is more than secure. What a return on investment. Thank you! ”

Marc | CEO, Legal Services Company